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Rise Magazine launches new responsive website

We’re proud to announce a new website for Rise Magazine. Rise is a non-profit organization based in New York City who publishes powerful stories about parents facing child welfare system. The stories are written by the parents themselves, providing them with a creative outlet to share their stories and in the process help them make connections about their lives, the difficult choices they make, and what happens as a result of these choices. Through contracts with various organizations that are working closely with these parents, Rise operates parent support writing groups. To date they have had over 200 contributors to their program.

Rise Magazine website on the ipad

The new website will allow Rise to grow by providing them a platform where they can publish content and information about their organization that compliments their magazine publication. We provided them a content management system built on the WordPress platform with a custom theme that organizes and sorts the diverse amount content Rise has archived. Although the organizational challenges of sorting the content was massive, every bit of effort was made to keep it simple to update for Rise and flexible enough to feature different pieces of content throughout the site at will. With so much powerful content, the design focused on readability, letting the content speak loudly for itself. The result is a responsive website that is optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices and easy to use for both users and readers.

We admire the work Rise is doing and we wish them continued success! Visit the website at

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