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A Scary Kind of Honesty, the sequel to Each Time We Say Goodbye

It’s hard to believe my mom has written another book but I’m so glad she has. In between the ending of winter and what I think now is finally Spring the timing was perfect to enjoy this light and engaging read.

A Scary Kind of Honesty begins with the main character, Thea, and her children in the process of rebuilding their lives. Thea is, understandably, depressed after being emotionally scarred from the abduction of her daughter and being in a relationship with an alcoholic man. While she’s wrestling with her emotions she receives an unexpected phone call with a job offer that is exciting but could also potentially turn their lives upside down. There is another surprise – Jim who she has known for 12 years has professed his love for her! The story continues with lots of twists and turns along with the introduction of some new characters one of whom is MaryAnn. MaryAnn’s past is a troubled one and her story follows alongside Thea’s. It was a nice change to engage in another character’s life intimately. I love how the characters, newly introduced and ones who you know from Each Time We Say Goodbye, lives are intertwined in some way throughout the story. It certainly brings light to the understanding that you meet certain people at certain times in life that shape who you are and where you end up.

The most enjoyable parts of the book are engaging with each characters struggles, hardships and joys. It’s not just Thea’s story this time around but also about the folks that are a part of her life and who have simply walked into her life, even for just a moment. This book definitely leaves you wanting more…

A Scary Kind of Honesty

Book illustration by Pamela

Both print and e-book versions are available, for each book in the series, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There is a third book in progress to be released this year.

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