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Custom map design for your business

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Ethan and I tend to forget how many customized maps we have created for some of our clients. I wouldn’t exactly say we are map-makers in the traditional sense (let’s leave that to the pros) but more that we are map designers. We create directional maps that reflect the look and feel of a company or institution’s brand. This is achieved through subtleties of line weights, color use, iconography style and font choice.

When we start out creating a map we look for input from the client to determine the scale of the map and the important locations and roads to include. In some instances we share screen captures from Google Maps to get the scale correct early on. The goal is to have as clear a direction as possible to avoid too much redrawing. Once the scale has been decided upon we then begin to draw out the map and iconography.

Ultimately we want to be sure that the end result is a map that is correct in scale and information, is simple to read, and gives a clear understanding of the different locations illustrated on the map. It’s important too that when we take a step back to assess the map design, that it reflects the company brand and that the end use of the map fits seamlessly with the look and feel of the printed page or web page, sometimes both.

We’ve included some examples below that show a variety of map designs. Because every brand is different each are reflective of their company’s unique look and feel. We hope you enjoy them!

Ian von Miller Furniture, Brooklyn, NY

Ian von Miller Maps

Brooklyn Based, Immersion Series, Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Based Immersion Map

Digi-Capital, London, UK

Digi-Capital Location map

Lil’s, Bob’s and Robert’s, Kittery, MEHow to get to Lil's map

NuoDB Inc., Cambridge, MANuoDB location map

Wovenware, San Juan, Puerto RicoWovenware location map

McHenry Architecture, Portsmouth, NH

McHenry Architecture Map


3 Responses to “Custom map design for your business”

  1. Paul McAskill

    awesome art, these are great examples of what can make a difference in an image. So many would just use google and thats useless. These make an impression and leave one too.

  2. Zita Gray

    I am seeking a custom map that shows the locations of our 14 bank branches in south Mississippi, mostly for print. Would you be interested? Please don’t put too much stock in our website. We’re redoing it next year. Thanks, Zita or 601-954-3419


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