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Ceridwen Dovey is an award winning author based in Sydney, Australia. Her latest fiction Only the Animals, out May '14 on Hamish Hamilton/Penguin, tells the story of 10 different animals all killed in a human conflict of the past century. We worked with Ceridwen to refresh her website in preparation for her new novel's release. The new website provides information about her work and features an illustration by Teresa Dovey on the home page. It was built using the SilverStripe content management system (CMS) platform allowing Ceridwen easy access to updating her content. The website has a wide-screen responsive design, enabling it to be enjoyed on a wide variety of mobile and desktop devices.

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What does Ceridwen Dovey think?

“I’ve worked with Amy and Ethan for many years now, and my admiration for what they do and how they do it keeps growing. They’re such a fantastic team and together they have created not just one but two websites for me with just the right combination of creativity, beautiful design work, flair and panache. They have an amazing ability to really ‘get’ what you want and stay true to your vision, even if you yourself don't quite know how to express it. I hope to be working with them until we’re all old, gray and wrinkled!”


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