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Brooklyn Based launches new website

We are happy to announce a new website for Brooklyn Based. Brooklyn Based is an email and web based magazine who publishes insight and information on current events in and around Brooklyn, New York. They provide opportunities for their readers to explore neighborhoods around the Borough, plan getaways, decode the secrets of modern parenting, and choose what to watch, read and see in Brooklyn and beyond.

Brooklyn Based Home page

Brooklyn Based also produces exclusive events. These include Wedding Crashers, a popular wedding exhibition; an annual Immersion series with Brooklyn Brewery; and One More Bite, a celebration of healthy eating and fresh flavors for families.

The new website is built on the WordPress platform and making the most of this popular platform to organize and disseminate a wide variety of information for a Brooklyn audience eager to exploit their hotspot of renown cultural heritage. Using WordPress as a content management system (CMS), Brooklyn Based has gained full control over the types and location of content they wish to publish and the website is organized in such a way that the presentation of specific types of content can scale independently over time should any types of content benefit from customized treatment.

The site offers many opportunities to promote their articles with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ad based promotional toolkits. The site is built with responsive design techniques and is optimized for all devices and screen widths.

Working with Brooklyn Based is a joy and we with them and their readers continued success! Visit Brooklyn Based’s new website

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